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Supercool project management tool is coming soon.
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Beta coming soon!
Hioi is a new kind of task management platform. It allows to manage your projects and task in an easy visual way. Designed to make your work easier, more intuitive and faster, it allows you to plan, organize and track small meetings and huge projects. Set deadlines and collaborate with your team. All in one tool.
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important tasks
Stay in control
Manage your daily tasks with our simple to-do list. Decide what tasks have to be done today, set due dates and stay focused on what is most important.
TIP: tap the tiles to mark as done!
Customizable software
Tool for everyone
Hioi is flexible and versalite -that means it can be used by large marketing teams, small design agencies, creative freelancers and even busy stay-at-home mums and dads.
Creative agencies
Track your clients, proposals and assets. Assign the tasks and plan the product launch. All in one place.
Use Hioi, an easy and intuitive tool to create your roadmap, plan user research and track bugs.
See all of your marketing campaigns on a beautiful timeline. List tasks, assign them and track the progress.
Everyday life
Hioi really is designed for everyone - use it to plan your weekend break, buy a car or find a perfect apartment.
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beautiful and simple
All your projects in one place
Need an easy, visual way to keep track on all milestones and deadlines? Track time, mark important tasks and keep an eye on your week with HIOI beautiful and simple timeline
TIP: hover over the timeline to see the event details!
Can't wait? Beta coming soon
HIOI Beta will be available in late 2020.
Meanwhile, you can contact us at or simply follow us.